Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Joanne Kathleen Rowling

I went to the library recently and was searching for missionary biographies. While I was browsing through the young adult biographies (because let's face it -- who has time to read 600 pages about someone -- gotta love young adult literature!), I found this book:

It was a super quick read and insightful into the mastermind behind HP. It's an unauthorized biography, but since I do not really know much about her anyway, any information about her would be new to me.

I devoured the HP series after graduating college. I was sick of reading books about ministry and welcomed the escape to Hogwarts... and I get a little skeptical of books that HUGE HITS right off the bat. I wasn't too impressed with Twilight.

But anyway, Rowling's story is worth telling. Her love of children certainly comes through... and I love that she placed HP in the awkward, not always appreciated jr. high stage of life.

Reading her story connected with mine in a lot of ways:

I was quiet, freckly, short-sighted, and rubbish at sports (35). Hmm... I was so sure that she was talking about ME!

Getting dressed up and presenting herself at job interviews was not something the young woman liked doing. It seemed like a silly, unnecessary game. It made her feel totally inadequate and very much like a little girl again. Besides, this was not what she really wanted to do, which was to write fabulous stories, see them published, and be able to keep writing, and live happily ever after. But since she was not willing to take the risks necessary to reach that pinnacle, Joanne would have to contend with the real world. (45)

Joanne was feeling confident in what she had jotted down and began seriously contemplating writing the novel. But she was torn between living out her dream of a life dedicated to writing and the guilt she was feeling at not being like everyone else (53-54). Torn between living the dream and comparing herself to others... I can relate.

I thought it was funny because this book came out in 2000 and they mentioned a possible title for the sixth HP book: Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch (159).

I would definitely be interested in reading about biography on Rowling.

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