Thursday, January 30, 2014

Highly Happy Marriages

I know, you're probably thinking, "Why are you reading a book about marraige; you are single!?"
One of my strengths from Strengthsfinder 2.0 is LEARNING. I like to learn about all sorts of topics, and it cannot really hurt reading books like this and trying to put principles into practice that are appropriate for friendships.

I find it annoying when research takes up half a chapter. Shaunti included every graph at the end of the chapters for those interested in looking at all the work she did, but I just skipped those pages (because she had spent the chapter talking about her findings). She just wants to prove that she spends YEARS researching these issues and makes connections with other researchers who come to the same conclusions.

"I never intend to suggest that there is always a quick fix for marital happiness" (14). She is aware of the fact that some readers are in bad relationships involving abuse and recommend they get professional help. I'm still not sure I like the title, but you get the idea -- and it appeals to our culture, whose top goal is happiness.

The most interesting chapter to me was chapter four: Go to Bed Mad. Contrary to popular Christian belief, it's ok to go to bed mad -- as long as you do not ignore the issue and eventually resolve it.

More info on her website.

Empty Shelf Challenge Book #6.

I reviewed this book for Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers Blogging for Books. I received this book for free in exchange for a review of the book.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

No Sex in the City

I read this book all in one sitting. I found her writing style easy to read, her subject matter interesting, and I was able to relate to her story.

She did not mention online dating at all, which I find surprising. I went to her facebook page and noticed she got married in 2012 (the book was published in 2009).

I found it refreshing that she did not beat around the bush with this topic. She includes her own struggles, boundaries and suggestions for standards.

"If the guy you are dating is not spiritually compatible, your friend, or someone you find attractive, get another man" (kindle location 836).

I can't really explain why I like this book so much other than I relate to it being single in a city.

If you find that topic interesting at all, read it.
It is geared towards singles in their late 20's/early 30's (mainly women but she has gotten feedback from men, too).

Empty Shelf Challenge Book #5.

Friday, January 10, 2014


I started reading this book and about a chapter in, I really wanted to return it. I was so confused. I picked it because my online book club (linked to the host's overview of ROOM) was going to discuss it. I am so glad I stuck it out because it was a page turner after a while. I had no idea about the premise of the book, so I was learning as I went what was happening. So sad that this actually happens in real life.

I liked that the perspective was from the five year old boy, Jack. It made me laugh a lot as he got used to what things were called and how things worked Outside.

I liked how songs were throughout the entire book. 

I know people would be surprised at how smart kids really are. Jack picks up on a lot of things that happen to his mom that most people would just brush off because he's so young.

You just need to read the book.
Then breathe.
Appreciate your life.

Empty Book Challenge Book #4

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Clear Winter Nights

It was a great read for cold winter nights. This is a story about conversations a man has with his grandpa, who was a former minister. It breaks down barriers that ministers are on a higher level of spirituality. I liked that his grandpa was open about his own experiences.

Pretty easy read that makes you think through what you believe. 

"The greater your acknowledgment of your sinfulness, the greater your appreciation of God's grace" (68).

"The question I am asking you is, Can someone be a follower of Jesus Christ and not ever make disciples" (76)?

There were some loose ends that I wish had a better wrap up, but overall it was well written and a good read.

Empty Book Challenge Book #3.

I reviewed this book for Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers Blogging for Books. I received this book for free in exchange for a review of the book.