Monday, May 28, 2012

I just got back from Haiti on Thursday. I had bought this book at the local library book sale this spring and found that I was drawn to this story more now because I had just experienced the adventures of a missionary life for a week.

She was 27 when she was dismissed from a missionary school. She was seen as too old and not good enough for the missionary lifestyle. Had she listened to them, thousands of people in China would have missed out on the Good News. She cared for almost two hundred orphan children.

Gladys Alyward's life is inspiring to me. She was a very strong woman who handled life difficulties gracefully. God was truly at work throughout her life.

Towards the beginning of the book, Gladys had taken a job in Wales rescuing girls on the street. "As much as she loved the job, though, something was missing. Yes, she was doing very useful work, but she wasn't doing it in China, where she knew God wanted her to be" (23).

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