Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Chick Lit

I don't know what it is, but occasionally, I cannot get enough of reading! It has been like that for the past few weeks. Even though I have mountains of unread books at home, I can't help browsing the libraries around town in hopes of a good read. In one such adventure, I came across Kate Klise's In the Bag

A story of two single parents and their teenagers traveling in Europe and their interactions with each other. Interesting enough story line, I guess. Very simple chick lit, but I liked the setting of the book and she wrote it from four different perspectives, switching people each chapter. 

Heart of the Matter was not as good as Giffin's other books, but I have to say I like her style of writing. She writes in first person and like Klise, switches perspectives with every new chapter. I like that Giffin is not afraid to write about real life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. She has approached subjects, such as not wanting to have kids in today's culture and how we view such couples, martial affairs, adoption, single parenthood. Given that, her books do have sexual content and language (one reason I prefer young adult fiction to adult fiction). But I really do like her books for the most part. Her earlier books were better, possibly because her style was so refreshing. These two books by Giffin I recently read felt a little long. 

I really like that in both of these books, Giffin makes connections from her previous books. Some of the major characters from previous works are secondary characters in these books. It was fun to recognize them! 

Where We Belong just came out at the end of July. I finished it last night. One of my favorite characters was the main character's dad, Jim. Maybe it was something about the way she wrote about Marian and Jim's interactions that remind me of my own dad. He is just a very likable man. Anyway, yea for summer chick lit. 

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