Sunday, February 23, 2014

Confident Faith

According to Mittelberg, there are six different paths that have led you to believe what you currently believe: Relativistic, Traditional, Authoritarian, Intuitive, Mystical or Evidential. You take a quiz in chapter two to find out the pathway that relates most your experience. He seems to believe that no matter your faith path, the last one needs to be included in your journey. He mentions it after each of the five pathways that you can strengthen your current path by embracing the evidential path.

"Are we willing to step back and examine our inherited beliefs and make sure that we've thoughtfully and intentionally adopted a faith worth following" (50)?

I was an Alpha leader last fall, so this book has been a great read coming off that small group experience. I come from a mixture of the Traditional/Authoritarian pathway background. It was just really good to read an overview of those as well as how others experience spiritual issues differently.

"I'm convinced there's nothing more important than figuring our what we believe about God and his will for our lives" (147).

"[W]hen you add the complexity of multiple writers, from multiple countries, in multiple languages over multiple centuries, dealing with multiple problems and situations, the Bible's incredible cohesion and unified message are nothing short of miraculous" (183).

There's an online option for a discussion guide provided by Tyndale.

This is a great resource in helping understand others' experiences as well as solidifying why you believe what you do.

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for a review.

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