Saturday, July 19, 2014

Networking is Not Working

Back in May, my friend tweeting that he was reading Networking is Not Working. 
It automatically made me think of this clip from Ugly Betty. Ha.

My friend actually bought me the Kindle version of this book. (Thanks, Joel!)

I would appreciate it more if I was in more of a business setting. There was still practical insights into networking. 

As an introvert, it may surprise people that I actually love networking. I love connecting people with each other to make their lives better. 

"Networking: any activity that increases the value of your network and/or the value you contribute to it."

Seth Godin says, "The value of your connection is worth far more than the value of your service or widgets" (Kindle 61).

Coburn ended up creating his own networking group and being the Ultimate Resource, connecting people in different fields and adding value to their networks.

Thought this book was practical and to the point. Again, I think I would appreciate it more if I was in more of a business/sales role, although networking as he does works in most careers. 

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