Sunday, October 19, 2014

Middle School Makeover

Middle School is tough. That's no surprise. But it doesn't have to be awful for your children!

So if you're a parent of a middle school (or are just interested in working with that age group like I am), this book is a great resource on how to navigate the interesting transitions happening during the time in kids' lives.

Our experience in middle school sets the foundation for what we believe about ourselves in high school and beyond (19).

During middle school (and most commonly in seventh grade) kids start to freak out a little bit about who they are in relationship to their peers. It’s their primary goal to develop an identity apart from family, so that one day they can successfully leave your house and have a job, apartment and relationships of their own (97).

I appreciated Michelle's perspective. She shared her own middle school experiences as well as questions she has heard from other parents trying to navigate this age.

Michelle gives insight into how to have conversations about cell phones, modesty, social media and more.

I don't agree with everything in her book (based on my own convictions), but for the most part, I liked the insight she shares with parents and those wanting to read a book about middle school.

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