Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Better Late Than Never

As part of my required reading for the protege program, the following two books were on our list. I'm just now finishing them (better late than never, right?). Actually, I was supposed to read Next Gen. Leader in college and didn't (sorry, Andy Stanley...).

I'm not sure I agree with everything in this book, but it has some great leadership principles in it.
One of the things I appreciated was Sanders' thoughts about missionary leadership:

"Missionary leadership must be ready to delegate responsibility to nationals the moment they give evidence of spiritual maturity" (140).

You can't really go wrong with an Andy Stanley book, right?

He talks through five foundations for leaders: competence, courage, clarity, coaching, and character.

"Age and experience don't necessarily make us better. Age and experience have a tendency to leave us in a rut, doing the same thing the same way with no one around to spur us toward change" (105).

I see why these books have been on lists to read. Glad I finally finished. If you're looking for good, applicable reads, check these out now!

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