Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Road Back to You

Recently I had a conversation with my friend Joel about the Enneagram. There are nine numbers that help with self-awareness and personality types.

When I took the free test online, I found out I was a 4 with a 5 wing. That means I am mainly a 4 influenced by the 5.

Four is the Romantic or Individualist. We appreciate beauty, nature, and order. We also have very strong feelings and have a strong desire to be unique. Fives are Investigators who observe a lot.

This book, The Road Back to You, was eye-opening. I also listened to the podcasts on my spring break. I found out a lot about people I love. A lot of my best friends are Twos, Helpers. My dad (and likely my boss) are Eights, Challengers.

If you are into MBTI, StrengthsFinders, or becoming more self-aware, check out this book!

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