Friday, July 13, 2012

The Circle Maker

Batterson never fails to amaze me with the ways he connects with his readers.

This book is about Prayer. Not being afraid to ask God for big things, for big dreams, and consistently for a long time (because we all know God's timetable is rarely ours).

It never fails that Batterson hits on life goals in his books. It is a reality check every time I read his own life goals and realize what I have already accomplished and what I still hope to accomplish in life.

"If you aren't willing to put yourself in 'this is crazy' situations, you'll never experience 'this is awesome' moments" (50-51).

"Everything we see and hear is priming us in a positive or negative way. That's one reason I believe in starting the day in God's Word" (154). That was definitely something I have been struggling with lately and I needed to hear/see this.

I highly recomment this book. You can read a sample chapter and learn more about the book/DVD series here.

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