Sunday, July 29, 2012

Three Philosophies of Life: Peter Kreeft

You may remember my post on the stack of books to read in 2012. One I decided was just too boring to read (The Girl Who Could Fly), and I have read five others, so we are down to fourteen books by the end of the year. This is the second book I have read this year that I received from my friend, David Joe.

I admit that ever since college I rarely read books that challenge my thinking in deep philosophical ways. This book was short, but it was really powerful in the way it made me think about deeper life issues. The subtitle is: Ecclesiastes--Life as Vanity, Job--Life as Suffering, Song of Songs--Life as Love.

Each section was interesting to me, but Ecclesiastes meant a lot to me at this point in life. I have been through the Job part of life and look forward to someday living in the Song of Songs part of life.

"Our world is full of thousands of little things, which keep us diverted from the one big thing. We are kepy so busy that we have no time to think" (33).

"Life is a quest for love and a quest for God, and there is no car or plane for this trip. It is an old-fashioned quest made on our own two feet" (110).

Thank you, David Joe, for another great read.

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