Friday, May 3, 2013

The Invested Life

I heard about this book from our women's minister. She works right across the hall from me, so when she gave me a copy and highly recommended it, I started reading it.

It was a great combination of their personal experiences with discipleship as well as testimonies at the end of the chapter.

The main premise of the book is WHO ARE YOU INVESTING IN? and WHO IS INVESTING IN YOU?

Two very tough question to ask yourself.

My favorite part of the book was Joel's testimony. I could relate to him on so many levels, from being serious about my faith as a junior in high school to going overseas on missions trips that changed the course of life. We both know people that can look into our very souls and just know what is going on.

Another part that interested me was the life and legacy of Andrew. Over the span of two pages, they map out the disciples affected by Andrew's simple obedience in following Jesus. Andrew (went from disciple of John the Baptist to disciple of Jesus), got his brother, Peter, who was head of the Church. Barnabas, Paul, and John Mark follow... Paul goes on to disciple Timothy and Titus. Aquila and Priscilla, two of Paul's co-workers, take Apollos under their wing to take him deeper into the Word. All because one man, Andrew -- very likely an introvert -- was obedient and followed Jesus.

Tyndale offers the first chapter for free. They also have online discussion guides for leaders to print out.

I hope to really truly follow Jesus' command to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES. This book was an eye opener as to how it could be done. It is a great tool and it's only $10!

The challenge now is to do something with what I have read about discipleship!

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