Friday, January 10, 2014


I started reading this book and about a chapter in, I really wanted to return it. I was so confused. I picked it because my online book club (linked to the host's overview of ROOM) was going to discuss it. I am so glad I stuck it out because it was a page turner after a while. I had no idea about the premise of the book, so I was learning as I went what was happening. So sad that this actually happens in real life.

I liked that the perspective was from the five year old boy, Jack. It made me laugh a lot as he got used to what things were called and how things worked Outside.

I liked how songs were throughout the entire book. 

I know people would be surprised at how smart kids really are. Jack picks up on a lot of things that happen to his mom that most people would just brush off because he's so young.

You just need to read the book.
Then breathe.
Appreciate your life.

Empty Book Challenge Book #4

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  1. Gosh, I just wrote you a long reply to this post and it somehow got deleted. Anyway, I love your advice to read the book, breathe, and appreciate life. It really hit me one day that this kind of insane and sickening stuff actually happens when I was reading before yoga class and a woman asked me about the book and whether it was a true story. It stressed me out to read on nights when Kyle was working and I sat brooding over the possibility that it could even happen to me. Scary stuff. Thanks for linking to my blog! :)