Saturday, January 11, 2014

No Sex in the City

I read this book all in one sitting. I found her writing style easy to read, her subject matter interesting, and I was able to relate to her story.

She did not mention online dating at all, which I find surprising. I went to her facebook page and noticed she got married in 2012 (the book was published in 2009).

I found it refreshing that she did not beat around the bush with this topic. She includes her own struggles, boundaries and suggestions for standards.

"If the guy you are dating is not spiritually compatible, your friend, or someone you find attractive, get another man" (kindle location 836).

I can't really explain why I like this book so much other than I relate to it being single in a city.

If you find that topic interesting at all, read it.
It is geared towards singles in their late 20's/early 30's (mainly women but she has gotten feedback from men, too).

Empty Shelf Challenge Book #5.

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