Saturday, January 31, 2015

January: 6 Books

I read six books in January. Kind of a miracle based on the fact that I am usually happy if I get through one book/month. The first book I read was Wild Tales, which is my last post. 

A Praying Life was a great book about prayer. It was practical and easy to read. I had a few people comment about the book when they noticed I was reading it. This was one of the required books for my C.S. Lewis fellows program this month on the topic of prayer. 

Sometimes I just want to read a story. I was interested in the title, The Story of Awkward. This book was simple. I didn't really like the ending (but in case you read it, I won't share what happened). I thought it was kind of out of sync with the rest of the book. Ryals wrote this for her daughter to help her realize and appreciate her differences and what makes her unique. It was an ok book.

My brother's girlfriend let me borrow this book. Can't say I've picked up one of these Chicken Soup for the Soul books in YEARS. It was nice to read on the bus on my way to Philly last year for Christmas... I finished it in 2015, so I'm counting it in this year's books. As always, inspirational little stories about love. Might be the perfect time to pick it up for Valentine's Day.

Emily Giffin is a talented author. I have devoured her other books and this one was no different. I really like the way she writes about real life topics that matter and in the first person. This is not my favorite one of hers, but it was interesting story line.

Another book for the Fellows Program. Newman brings a lot to the table in what he has to offer, but I don't necessarily like reading books like this. I am glad I read it, and it's better than other books we have had to read in the same vain. If you're interested in the topic, it would be good to pick up and read. 

Six books. Only January. I might be able to complete this 50 books in 2015 challenge!

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