Thursday, January 1, 2015


Margaret Feinberg has a unique writing style -- and I love it! She was so honest and open about life experiences. In the beginning she talked about hiking in Scotland with my former boss, Juliet! 

This is exactly what I needed to prepare me for 2015. Glad this was my last read of 2014.

"Though discouraged, I refused to stop pursuing God" (13).

Being in the city, it was really challenging to read the chapter on the wonder of creation. There is something so incredibly beautiful about being in nature. My love for Lake Michigan and being outside makes more sense after reading that chapter and finding spots to go to in the city will be my new challenge for 2015.

"God never entices us with evil, but he does allow us to be tested and refined in our faithfulness. Sin will try to seduce us, challenging our fidelity and integrity" (88).

One of my favorite chapters was The Magic in the Table.
"To rediscover the wonder of friendship, I had to change. Rather than holding people back, I needed to invite them in.... The temptation to live a guarded life allures everyone, but walls constructed for protection ultimately leads to isolation" (116-117).

The awesome part is that I feel like if we were in the same city, we could be fast friends. She includes a playlist for each chapter at the back of the book. I created a Spotify playlist of it.

On the plus side, the journey is not over yet! She has "Thirty Days of Wonder" to keep going. Thanks, Margaret. This book has brought me back around in my spiritual life and I'm on the up and up.

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  1. Jenni, thank you for reviewing Wonderstruck. I am so thrilled it resonated with you and awakened you to God's wonder all around.